Friday, January 28, 2011

Away From Keyboard

It's been a while since I posted here. I owe this blog a lot of stories. But I need to cut it short, so I'll just give you the top 10 things that has happened to me while I went MIA.
  1. Got a new 'do
  2. Had a fun shoot with my friends
  3. Celebrated new year with my family
  4. Crammed for our IMC project
  5. Crammed for our other projects
  6. Went through hell week ( jam packed quizzes)
  7. Went through hell week.....again (prelim exams)
  8. Attended some leadership training of some sort ( can you believe they made us count the steps from 1st floor to 6th floor with time pressure.....not just once, but three times!)
  9. Bonded with my new found clique and found a crushlet
  10. Preparing myself to go through all of those things......AGAIN