Saturday, April 28, 2012

Once Upon A Time....

A lot of people, especially those who are at the same life cycle as me are very much familiar with the fantasy-like love story of the movie “A Little Thing Called Love.” You know the typical ugly-duckling-turned-to-a-beautiful-swan type of plot and where the prince falls for the girl somewhere between ‘ugly duckling’ and ‘beautiful swan’.  But I’m not here to tell you about the movie per se. You’ll be better off watching the movie than hearing my version of it.

Now going back, the reason for this post is that when I watched the movie for the second time around with my sister, I just realized that I can somehow relate myself to Nam (The female protagonist). I remember the days when I didn’t care about my looks. I’d go on for the whole day with having combed my hair only once (That’s after I take a bath). I also didn’t wear make-up or put any beauty products on my face because I didn’t like the greasy feel of it. I’d only wear baggy shirts and shorts and slippers when I go out with my friends.  Back then I was living in a world where pumps are devices used to move fluids, wedges are considered as simple machines and platforms are synonymous to stages.

Then one day I met someone whom I consider as my own version of P’shone (The male protagonist). To cut through the chase, because of that guy, I decided to change. Radically. I did things that I once considered as “absurd” just for him to notice me. But in the end, it dawned on me that not everyone can have a fairy tale ending.  A duck will always be a duck and my so-called “fairy godfriends” can only do so much.  

I think I did the right things but for the wrong reasons. In the end, everything was still worth it.