Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thank You

I was having a bad day last Thursday. I had anxiety, stress and deep wounding words served for breakfast. Not to mention my stubborn headache and body pain that kept me company since the start of the week. It was a perfect concoction that almost killed me. I was trying to study for our Registered Marketing Professional Exam for the next day but soon realized that it was just impossible. I can’t focus on anything. Hate and negativity was all I had in mind. But you see, rainbows have their way of showing up even before the rain stops. You just need a little sunshine. 

I am so blessed to have my very own angels here on earth. I call them friends. 


Thanks to everyone who prayed for me and Tina, to those who wished us good luck and to those who gave us little words of encouragements. Also, special thanks to Marx Medina. I know you’re the culprit! I’m sure of it! 

You guys don’t know how your text messages made the difference for me that night. I actually slept with a smile on my face. I really appreciate it. Thank you and I love you all.

P.S. You were all my inspiration when I was taking the exam. I did my best. I just hope it was enough.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

If You Don't Want To Give Me Wings...

It's funny how the people you expect to teach you how to fly are the same people who actually break your wings even before you learn how to use it .

I'll Be A Pilot Instead So I Can Still Learn How To Fly.

Just Because I'm A Proud Best Friend

Ronn, my fashion savvy best friend, is one of the young designers selected to compete in Lee National Denim Day Student Design competition. He will be competing along with other students from different schools, two of which are also from UST.

Ronn is someone who knows exactly what he wants and works hard to get it. I always admire him for that. I always wish that I’d be the same. Now I can’t really put to words how proud and happy I am to be one of his friends. This post is my own little way of saying that.

I know that this competition is just the beginning of his journey to greatness, but I assure him that no matter what, I will always be there to support him.

I wish him all the luck in the world, siya na bahala sa talent. Hehe. *fingers crossed*

And now presenting, my talented, fierce and sometimes antipatikang friend…..oh I forgot to say the future designer of my wedding dress.......(drum roll)

RONN WONG! (tadddaaa)

I sooo love his kulot look!

*The competition will be held at the Atrium of SM Mall of Asia tomorrow Oct. 28, the fifth day of the Philippine Fashion Week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Adventures of The Happy Camper : OJT Chapter

I didn’t know you could be killed for trying to ride a train nowadays. Seriously.

I had a scheduled meeting in Makati early in the morning today. And since I live on the opposite side of it, I had to wake up early in order for me to not get caught in traffic. I thought I only had to worry about traffic when I am in the vicinity of Makati City. Turns out I was wrong about that. When I came to the LRT station, I was shocked to see an ocean of people waiting for their chance to get on board the train. I don’t usually ride the LRT, especially during rush hours in the morning, that’s why I was surprised to see so many people in one station at the same time. But wait, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What happened next was what really caught my attention.

I was standing and minding my own business, a little bit anxious about being late for my second interview, when my first train for the day came. For a moment there it seemed to me like I will have a smooth ride to Makati, but of course I was wrong. When the train stopped, I realized that it was already so cramped that making way to new passengers was simply impossible. So I thought that maybe WE’LL (the other people there) just catch the next train, but they thought otherwise. The moment the doors opened, the people started pushing and shouting, some even intentionally hitting others as they try to get their way into the already crowded train. GHAD. Where did all the civilized looking people go? One moment they were all poised and professional-looking, and then they were like raging gorillas the next. Since the next few trains were also full, I had to deal with the same experience for a couple more times until I was able, finally, to ride the train.

Hmmm…..If I get accepted in the company that I’m applying for in Makati, it would mean that I will have that scene on a replay button. Every day. Every morning. Hay…Looks like I have to bring extra strength, patience and a whole lot of luck with me then.

Sunday, October 9, 2011



*Me, Paula, Ghe and Coco in KFC

Me: Anong day yung 21? Saturday ba yun?
Paula: Ay, hindi ko alam eh...Pero basta ang alam ko yung 20 Friday.

*Me and Paula in Moonleaf

Paula: Tignan mu yung babaeng yun oh, siya yung nanay ng may-ari nitong Moonleaf.
Me: ang pretty ah.
Paula: Uo nga eh,tapos yung anak niya naman yung may-ari nitong Moonleaf.

*Me and Ghe in Quadri Park

Ghe: Ewan ko ba dun sa kapatid ko, hindi siya umuwi kagabi eh.
Me: Sino, ate mo?
Ghe: Hindi, kapatid ko.

Ganyan mag-usap ang mga matatalino. Nakakatanga lang.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Make Today Special

Last October 4:

Happy birthday to our little sister Tien Tien! Hope we made her day SPECIAL. :)