Saturday, April 30, 2011


I was chatting with Mr. Wise Man in FB about blogging and somehow we ended up talking about fate and destiny. We were discussing if they are one and the same. He thinks that they are synonymous, so I did what any student would do to their assigned research papers….Google it. And yes, they are the same. But I swear I heard somewhere that there’s a thin line between fate and destiny. But let us not talk about that here. Let’s just leave the debate to Merriam and Webster, ayt?

Destiny is the fixed order of things, a predetermined state. The inevitable or necessary course of events considered as something BEYOND HUMAN POWER OR CONTROL. For the years that have passed, I have always considered myself as an existentialist rather than an essentialist. Although I am not eliminating the paradigm that essentialism teaches.  That is why the definition of destiny didn’t actually fit to my liking.

As a child, I was taught that I am the master of my own future. Whatever outcome my life will have will be based on the decisions I make. And now an online dictionary would tell me that it’s beyond my human power and control? That’s a lot of B.S. What’s the sense of working hard, or even trying for that matter, if the universe has already finished writing your biography? It’s like this, if you were born poor and you wanted to get rich, no matter how hard you work, you’ll always be poor because you’re destined to be poor. What happened to choices? To decision making? And to free will?

Destiny renders me powerless, and that’s a state I refuse to be in. It may be a sweet song to hear for some, but for me, that’s a song I refuse to sing at the moment. I’m aware that I may lack knowledge about this, and this may obstruct me from seeing the whole picture. So if there’s anyone out there with a kind soul, please enlighten me!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Sickness

Last night I was only able to get some decent sleep after 5 hours of incessant tossing and turning on my bed. Blame it on the severe case of runny nose that I had…oh yeah….HAVE. Gawd! Who catches a cold during summer? Talk about bad timing. Good thing it got better after I had a good rest, or else it would have jeopardized our planned lakwatcha later that day.

I seldom get sick (and that’s something that I’m thankful for) that’s why I don’t know what to do whenever I do get sick. So far I haven’t had any illnesses that a good rest can’t cure, and I hope that I never will!

And with that, I’ll leave you with this song. I also have a severe case of LSS with this song. Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paxcapade 2

“Jana, bilisan mo dyan, dalawa pa kaming maliligo dito. Mag Tatagaytay pa raw tayo!” The voice of Mr. Pure Energy, Eugenio C., filled the CR as I was rinsing off all the chlorine I got from the pool. At first I didn’t believe him. I thought it was just one of his evil schemes for him to be able to hog all the shower time that he wanted. Then when I saw him all giddy and animated, I was convinced that he was telling the truth. He was happy as a bee for God’s sake!

Okay, I admit. Guilty as charged! I was also all fired up the instant my neurons finished processing the news. Tagaytay, a place where the young and the old meet to appreciate the beauty of nature and where those who love to eat share their passion for food. . . . Yes! I’m a loser! I’ve managed to reach young adulthood without stepping a foot on the famed land of Tagaytay! Boo! Blame it on my parents! Haha!
I was mustering all my strength to stop myself from smiling, but the 52 muscles in my face failed me. So, I ended up smiling the whole time.

When we got there, we first gazed at the wonders of Taal Volcano. We even decided to wait for the sun rise. While passing some time, we played with the camera a bit….. Trying to capture the memories that we know we will all cherish. We also talked…a lot. Teased each other….a lot and laughed the whole time. Oh, did I mention that I was trying to breathe faster? I was actually trying to inhale as much fresh air as I can. You can’t blame a pollution hater like me for trying right? Hehe… Watching the sun conquering the sky, engulfing the darkness never gets old… at least for me. There’s something in the sun that gives you hope whenever you see it shine gloriously up in the sky. After the sightseeing, sun bathing and cam whoring, we decided to heed our stomach’s call. We then went to McDonalds to have our breakfast.

The legend was true. ‘Twas really a magnificent place, especially when I was able to spend my time there with my most treasured friends… Having breakfast, teasing ech other, laughing to our heart’s content, living life as if problems are only myths. I even remember Mr. Nice Guy Marx saying “Sarap. Dapat ganito lagi ang buhay. Sarap talaga mabuhay.” I agree. Life should be enjoyed and it is best enjoyed with friends and family.

It was our first time or at least for most of us to go on an escapade with our Pax family and I’m hoping against hope that it will not be the last.

Monday, April 11, 2011


April 8, 2011….the day that I bid adieu to my love…my cellphone.

Honestly, I was not worried about my phone that much. I already moved on the moment I confirmed that my phone’s gone. That’s me, I don’t attach myself to material things (But there are exceptions). That’s why they are called things, they are made to be consumed and perish. If you glue your emotions with them, then you will earn yourself a one way ticket to misery. So why blog and make a fuss about it? GUILT. A word so simple yet so powerful that it can eat you up alive.

My brother was the one who bought that phone. He got the money from his allowance in his OJT in Singapore. It wasn’t that much, just enough for him to have a decent life. But in spite of it, he still found a way to buy the phone that I wanted. It breaks my heart when I think about all the scrumptious food that he shunned away from, all those days he spent resting in bed because he got sick, all the time he spent working overtime instead of relaxing and giving himself a treat to the movies or spa. He could’ve chosen not to go through all of those things and save his money for himself. It was his prerogative. But he didn’t. He took the hard way out. So what happened after all of his sacrifices? The phone didn’t last longer than a month in my possession. It got stolen. That is why I think it was unfair. I WAS UNFAIR. The phone deserved more TLC from me than what I have shown back then. So, as my resolve, if I want a fancy phone, I will only buy it if I will use my hard earned money. This way I’ll not be wasting anyone else’s efforts and I’ll have myself to answer to if something bad happens to it.

P.S. To the robber who got my cell phone, f*ck you and go to hell <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Apparently what we thought of as an ordinary debut, turned out to be one heck of an outing for us Paxies (That’s what Pax Romana members are called).

The debutant and her honored father

 The debut was held at Circle Island Resort in Bacoor, Cavite. Hyep, we had to survive a serious case of bumper-to-bumper-traffic at the Coastal Road before we had the chance to luxuriate in the comfort of the resort. Oh yeah, not to mention our grumbling stomachs telling us to feed them.


We also did not pass the chance to stuff our faces with all of those delicious foods! Or wait….was I the only one who did that?

Pax Family

The party was filled with laughter, music and of course, FUN FUN FUN!

Ok, let’s fast forward to the end of the party, or should I say the beginning of the real fun?


We went straight to the room assigned to us. I learned later that night that ‘twas really a room for two. That is why I was really astounded when we were able to fit 15 adults there.


Anyhow, we spent our time in the room by playing the oh-so-famous card game 123 pass while our friend, Mr. GTO initiated a drinking session which explains the picture of 5 men knocked out on the bed.
I did not drink. Based on my experience, drinking is not my cup of tea, but that’s another story.

After swimming

For those of us who still have the energy and guts to face the cold breezy night, we decided to go midnight swimming. Yey! The essence of summer…..SWIMMING! That’ll be my first for this sunny season. Too bad we didn’t have someone to take our pictures.

And just when I thought I was ready to rest my eyes and enjoy the cold, hard comforts of the floor in our room (The bed was already fully occupied), an announcement that got me excited and left me dumbfounded came. . . . .

To be continued.... :)