Sunday, December 26, 2010


Me and Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky were planning to go to a salon for some serious girl bonding (SGB). We have agreed on a date long before the Christmas break has started. I thought everything was okay already.

So this morning , I texted to remind her about our said SGB. You know what she replied? She told me that she can't come because she has already agreed to go with someone somewhere and that someone has already bought tickets to whatever it is that they are going to watch, and that she totally didn't notice that it was on the same date as our SGB.

It was okay for me.....NOT! URGH! I was really pissed off. She has always been like that. No matter how long you have planned for your bonding, outing, reunion or whatever it is that you're going to do with her, it's almost always sure that she's gonna ditch you. Now don't get me wrong. Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky is one of my best buds and she's been that way ever since I can remember. She tends to be forgetful at times, especially when it comes to her schedule. I know I should be used to it by now. It doesn't bother me most of the time but you know...Sometimes I just wish that she'd be more organize with her life.

Everybody has a limit and I'm just about to reach mine.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wonderful Surprises come in Scratch Papers

Ms. Framed Bliss, one of my best buddies, gave me a present. I was really delighted when I saw that it was a line-less notebook. I have a ‘thing’ for notebooks you see, especially those without lines. When I turned to the first page, I saw a piece of paper and was shocked after I have read what was written on it. Almost all of Mr. Pink’s basic information was there! What I felt at that moment was a mixture of confusion, disbelief and amazement! Then it hit me. That’s why she told me earlier that day that I will surely like the gift and that I will PM her about it or even text her. She was actually saying that because of the paper.
I remember joking Ms. Framed Bliss about getting information about Mr. Pink. I didn’t think that she would do it. Seriously. By the way, if you are wondering how she got that information, well, she has connections and very reliable ones.

Now I don’t know which one is the real gift and which is the bonus gift. Anyhow, I thank Ms. Framed Bliss for that wonderful surprise.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Falling In love For the Nth Time

Boys? Nah.... I’m talking about the Christmas lights in our school.
Every Christmas season, our school has a tradition of flooding the whole campus with Christmas lights. It never fails to amaze me. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it always feels like I’m seeing it for the first time. It’s stunning. Mesmerizing. Jaw dropping.

The thing that I love about it the most is the magical feeling it gives me. The feeling of being in love, or something like that.....That is one of the reasons why I stay late in school and apparently I am not the only one who has that reason. I noticed that there are more people staying late in the campus during this time of the year. They’re usually in groups. I also think that that is the best way to appreciate the campus’ beauty--- with friends. Eating, playing, and sharing stories, practically worrying about nothing as if life is only about the good things. Well, I couldn’t blame them. With those lights, I know you’d do the same.

P.S. Now I know where our tuition goes.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Santa?

Economics Department's eco-friendly Christmas tree (credits to the students of econ for the post its)

We are having a Christmas party in our class this week and we are to list the top 3 things we want to receive this Christmas. I've been staring at my paper for what seems like forever, but nothing's coming into my mind. Don't get me wrong. There's so many things that I want to have and the list might go on from days to forever. But when it boils down to what I really want....My mind goes blank.


Well, honestly, there's something that I've been wishing for. But it's not something that anyone can give to me. What I want is for me to be able to know Mr. Pink (not his real surname). I've been eying him for quite sometime now. His face, his eyes, and of course, his dimples. He's my major crush right now, but sadly I don't think that he even knows that I exists. All I want is an opportunity for me to get to know him. To be able to talk and laugh with him. I know that at the moment it is just my wishful thinking, but if ever that will happen then I'll sure be one heck of a happy girl for the months to come.

Please Santa? I've been a really good girl. :)


Well, I better get back to my wish list or I might end up receiving nothing at all.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Brain Policy

'Twas a fine Saturday afternoon and it's the perfect time for me to rest my brain. The whole week's been nerve-wracking. There's always a quiz to study for, projects to plan, house chores to do and of course friends to find time to hang-out with.

I don't know how I survived, but I guess it is a good enough reason for me to not use my brain for a while. Aside from having a 'No Brain Policy', I also found a way to 'de-stress' myself.

This room served as our haven from all the stressful elements of the outside world.

My partner in crime- Ms. Tinapay (left).

Me and Ms. Tinapay sporting a pre-schooler look.

Me and Ms. Tinapay sporting a Chun-Li inspired look.

Hanging out in school campus.

Nothing beats 'de-stressing' with your best friend and a good view of the school's Christmas lights!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Letter to My Best Friend

We've known each other for a little over two years now. For others, this might be a short period of time for us to be called best friends. But for me, friendship or any kind of relationship is not a question of how long but always a question of how strong. You don't count the years you've spent with a person in order to say that you've built a relationship. It's about the quality of time that you've spent with them. For the short time that we've been friends, you've showed me how important our friendship is to you and made me feel what having a best friend feels like. Because of this I want to thank you.

Thank you for all the time that you've spent with me. Be it the time we spent doing nothing or the time we spent doing what we think is exciting. It made me feel that I'm alive and I have a purpose for it. Thank you for the stories and secrets that you've shared to me. Be it a sad story or a hilarious one. It made me feel that I am trusted. Thank you for your strengths and weaknesses. It made my insecurities disappear. It also made me realize my own strengths and weaknesses and having them is part of being a human and there's nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you for the dreams that we've built. It made me feel that I am not lost and I have someone whom I can share a part of my life with. Thank you for supporting and believing in me. Especially for the times when my own family doesn't. It gave me the courage to believe in myself and take risks. Thank you for the lessons learned. I know that it made me a better person.

I know that in our age today, having a boyfriend is becoming a 'must' and it is hard for others to believe that you are actually happy being single. But you know what, what people don't know is that they actually have a love life. I am not pertaining to the usual romantic love life because I think anything that has love as the foundation is worthy to be called a love life. For me it is the friendship that I have with you. I also think that it is one of the most enduring love that exists. It outlives people. It makes being single less lonely. I don't know what will happen to our love story in the future and I might never know. But what is empirical to me to me right now is that I'll gladly replay our story over and over again. I'll always be glad to eat lunch with you at Mang Ed's even if it means eating lechon kawali everyday. I'll always be glad to share my skyflakes with you no matter how hungry I am. I'll always be glad to eat the pastries that you bake no matter how sponge-like they turn out to be. I'd gladly go to an adventure with you no matter how hectic my schedule can become. And I'll never tire of telling people about our story for the simple reason that I don't.

With this letter I pour my heart and soul to you saying how much better my life has become for the past two years. But I know it will never be enough to express my gratitude to God for sending me someone like you and to you for being who you are.

You'll always be part of my family. And now I'll end this letter with a hope that we will overcome whatever challenges that come our way and with those experiences, together we'll grow into a much better person God has planned us to be. I love you and I always will.