Monday, May 7, 2012

Back Log: My 21st Birthday

Who says that someone who has already crossed the line of being a teenager to a young adult can’t have a surprise party?

 Well actually, that was what I thought.

I had no idea that my friends were cooking something up for my birthday.

It all started with a simple text from my friend Ira inviting me to a dinner. Of course, I said yes without any questions.

Fast forward. I don’t how, but we ended up riding a cab to Shakey’s Delta.

*This would be a photo heavy blog because I'm too lazy to blog at the moment (I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, hehe)


Showing off my moves! Hehe


The Happy Birthday Song with the Shakey's staff

Blowing of the candle

My cake, yumm! :))

Their gift for me :">

The pretty ladies

Two of my bestEST buds :))

How I looked when my crush greeted me :">

awww.... :')

Waiting for their last surprise for me

Tadahhh! Their last surprise for me. They also invited my brother :)) 

Me pretending to slice the cake

Awwww, again...... :')

The master mind. Thanks!

Even Mona Lisa's smile would be incomparable to my smile!

I really am so blessed to have them as my friends family. I LOVE THEM TO BITS <3


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