Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Viaje Para El Alma

I’m no fun when it comes to riding a jeep, or traveling for that matter. I don’t know if those whom I have traveled with noticed it, but whenever I’m on a ride, my system automatically shuts down. I become quiet. Usually that would be an indication that it is now my subconscious that’s working.

I enjoy traveling. For me it’s a form of therapy and an escape. It is a time when I lock myself up from reality and try to think really hard. That’s how my ride becomes a journey -- a journey to my soul. It is a journey about my issues, hopes, insecurities, could-have-been, and my other wishful thinking that I try to ignore and push away as I try to cope up with reality. With LIFE. 

Long ride doesn’t bother me, so does traffic and waiting for other passengers to fill up the jeep (Unless I’m running late to my class or to an important meeting). I enjoy the moment as I listen to the omnipresent sound of the world and slowly it turns into poetry of noise as I start to embark on my journey.  


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