Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something Trivial

I was really pooped and frustrated from the day’s work and going home was all I had in mind. I was about to reach the door when one of our boss, Ms. Anna, gave me a Christmas present. It was a wish bracelet. But of course I waited for me to get home before I opened it. 

A gift is one of the last things in my mind that I’d be receiving from the people in our office because usually it’s a bunch of papers that has a lot of numbers on it, which I don’t intend to make sense of in any kind of way, and an order to photocopy it. Hyep, all of those with a ribbon on it. Hahaha. Joke.  That is why it was a bolt from the blue for me to receive such. Honestly, it kind of changed the route where my day was heading. I suddenly had the urge to smile and savor the genialness of life.


Funny how most people take these kinds of things for granted.  Drinking a cup of coffee while reading a good book, receiving a smile from a stranger and you smiling back, receiving or giving presents for no reason, curling up in bed with a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold night, long talks with your best friends, exploring new places, these things seem to be easily labeled as inconsequential. What they don’t realize is that these things are like little rocks and if you put them together, you’ll be able to build a wall strong enough to protect you from the wrath that life throws at you.


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