Thursday, December 15, 2011

Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings!

Mr. Pink <3

How to celebrate the holiday season with a bang? Have a picture with your crush! Haha..Hyep, that’s what I did and trust me, you’ll have a month’s supply of happiness, not to mention the kilig factor! Nyahahah

He’s been my crush now for almost a year and a half and this is the first time I talked to him (It was also the first time I did such thing). Whenever I’m in front of my crush, whoever it is, I always get tongue tied. I can’t even look straight in his eyes. Yes, girls can be torpe too. That is why it was really a Herculean task for me to ask him that favor. So imagine my astonished (and kinikilig) look when he actually said yes! It felt like I had butterflies and firecrackers for breakfast! In all fairness to him, he was a good sport for agreeing to have our picture taken, not minding the fact that we barely know each other.

Okay, I have a confession to make. That heart shape that we made, I just tried to push my luck and ask him for another favor for the last time. Well I think you know what was his answer by now. Hihihi  <3

The reason why I went through all the trouble to ask him for a picture is that, months from now I don’t want to look back at that situation and find myself still thinking….what if? Regret is something I don’t want lurking around my thoughts. Not today. Not in the near future. Not even in a gazillion years!

With all the embarrassment that I felt….I still think it was worth it.

 *When I asked him if it’s okay to have a picture with him

Him: Bakit? Para san?
Me: *thinking what to say*….remembrance? :">
(in my mind I was thinking…..Malamang crush kita kya gusto ko magpapicture sayo!) 

*Many thanks to Ms. Framedbliss for helping me out, big time! I think she's Santa in disguise. Hahaha! Joke. I love her to bits!


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