Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Adventures of The Happy Camper : OJT Chapter

I didn’t know you could be killed for trying to ride a train nowadays. Seriously.

I had a scheduled meeting in Makati early in the morning today. And since I live on the opposite side of it, I had to wake up early in order for me to not get caught in traffic. I thought I only had to worry about traffic when I am in the vicinity of Makati City. Turns out I was wrong about that. When I came to the LRT station, I was shocked to see an ocean of people waiting for their chance to get on board the train. I don’t usually ride the LRT, especially during rush hours in the morning, that’s why I was surprised to see so many people in one station at the same time. But wait, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What happened next was what really caught my attention.

I was standing and minding my own business, a little bit anxious about being late for my second interview, when my first train for the day came. For a moment there it seemed to me like I will have a smooth ride to Makati, but of course I was wrong. When the train stopped, I realized that it was already so cramped that making way to new passengers was simply impossible. So I thought that maybe WE’LL (the other people there) just catch the next train, but they thought otherwise. The moment the doors opened, the people started pushing and shouting, some even intentionally hitting others as they try to get their way into the already crowded train. GHAD. Where did all the civilized looking people go? One moment they were all poised and professional-looking, and then they were like raging gorillas the next. Since the next few trains were also full, I had to deal with the same experience for a couple more times until I was able, finally, to ride the train.

Hmmm…..If I get accepted in the company that I’m applying for in Makati, it would mean that I will have that scene on a replay button. Every day. Every morning. Hay…Looks like I have to bring extra strength, patience and a whole lot of luck with me then.


Sam said...

The reason why I don't ride the train anymore :|

Sumi Go said...

Tip#1: When riding the LRT1 on rush hour, try to board the train at the Roosevelt station. If this is not possible, Monumento is good too since there are scape trains every other turn.

Tip#2: Do NOT board the MRT during weekday rush hour. You'll literally get crushed! Better ride the LRT1 (from either Roosevelt or Monumento station) then get off at EDSA and transfer to MRT. This is a longer route, but it'll save you your poise and energy.

Anyhow, Makati is really far from us (the CAMANAVA people). Both the LRT/MRT route and the bus ride is tiring.. >.<

Diana said...

@sumi, haha! uo nga eh! grabe lang talaga. Anyways, thanks for the tips! :)) I'll surely take note of it :))

PS: Congrats nga pala! GRADUATE KA NA! :))

Sumi Go said...

@Jana: Thanks! Oo nga eh.. Good bye allowance na.. haha.. XD

Sumi Go said...

Hi Diana, I gave you a blog award. You can check it here:

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