Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paxcapade 2

“Jana, bilisan mo dyan, dalawa pa kaming maliligo dito. Mag Tatagaytay pa raw tayo!” The voice of Mr. Pure Energy, Eugenio C., filled the CR as I was rinsing off all the chlorine I got from the pool. At first I didn’t believe him. I thought it was just one of his evil schemes for him to be able to hog all the shower time that he wanted. Then when I saw him all giddy and animated, I was convinced that he was telling the truth. He was happy as a bee for God’s sake!

Okay, I admit. Guilty as charged! I was also all fired up the instant my neurons finished processing the news. Tagaytay, a place where the young and the old meet to appreciate the beauty of nature and where those who love to eat share their passion for food. . . . Yes! I’m a loser! I’ve managed to reach young adulthood without stepping a foot on the famed land of Tagaytay! Boo! Blame it on my parents! Haha!
I was mustering all my strength to stop myself from smiling, but the 52 muscles in my face failed me. So, I ended up smiling the whole time.

When we got there, we first gazed at the wonders of Taal Volcano. We even decided to wait for the sun rise. While passing some time, we played with the camera a bit….. Trying to capture the memories that we know we will all cherish. We also talked…a lot. Teased each other….a lot and laughed the whole time. Oh, did I mention that I was trying to breathe faster? I was actually trying to inhale as much fresh air as I can. You can’t blame a pollution hater like me for trying right? Hehe… Watching the sun conquering the sky, engulfing the darkness never gets old… at least for me. There’s something in the sun that gives you hope whenever you see it shine gloriously up in the sky. After the sightseeing, sun bathing and cam whoring, we decided to heed our stomach’s call. We then went to McDonalds to have our breakfast.

The legend was true. ‘Twas really a magnificent place, especially when I was able to spend my time there with my most treasured friends… Having breakfast, teasing ech other, laughing to our heart’s content, living life as if problems are only myths. I even remember Mr. Nice Guy Marx saying “Sarap. Dapat ganito lagi ang buhay. Sarap talaga mabuhay.” I agree. Life should be enjoyed and it is best enjoyed with friends and family.

It was our first time or at least for most of us to go on an escapade with our Pax family and I’m hoping against hope that it will not be the last.


Sam said...

baby, finally!! the vacay you've been asking for. inhaling fresh air FTW! :))

Cez Javier said...

i love your last photo! :D

Diana said...

@baby, yehesss! haha finally, but i'm still craving for more outings!! hehe

@cez, it was a shot by one of my co-paxies, hehe :))

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