Monday, April 11, 2011


April 8, 2011….the day that I bid adieu to my love…my cellphone.

Honestly, I was not worried about my phone that much. I already moved on the moment I confirmed that my phone’s gone. That’s me, I don’t attach myself to material things (But there are exceptions). That’s why they are called things, they are made to be consumed and perish. If you glue your emotions with them, then you will earn yourself a one way ticket to misery. So why blog and make a fuss about it? GUILT. A word so simple yet so powerful that it can eat you up alive.

My brother was the one who bought that phone. He got the money from his allowance in his OJT in Singapore. It wasn’t that much, just enough for him to have a decent life. But in spite of it, he still found a way to buy the phone that I wanted. It breaks my heart when I think about all the scrumptious food that he shunned away from, all those days he spent resting in bed because he got sick, all the time he spent working overtime instead of relaxing and giving himself a treat to the movies or spa. He could’ve chosen not to go through all of those things and save his money for himself. It was his prerogative. But he didn’t. He took the hard way out. So what happened after all of his sacrifices? The phone didn’t last longer than a month in my possession. It got stolen. That is why I think it was unfair. I WAS UNFAIR. The phone deserved more TLC from me than what I have shown back then. So, as my resolve, if I want a fancy phone, I will only buy it if I will use my hard earned money. This way I’ll not be wasting anyone else’s efforts and I’ll have myself to answer to if something bad happens to it.

P.S. To the robber who got my cell phone, f*ck you and go to hell <3


callmecharm said...

I can relate. You know what happened with my Iphone right? :( You feel like you're very irresponsible. My phone was supposed to be a gift from my dad for my 18th bday. See, I got a hard time to move on. :(

Diana said...

yess! but don't be too harsh on your self charm, it's not our fault that there are people who don't give a sh*t to other people's hard work

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