Saturday, April 30, 2011


I was chatting with Mr. Wise Man in FB about blogging and somehow we ended up talking about fate and destiny. We were discussing if they are one and the same. He thinks that they are synonymous, so I did what any student would do to their assigned research papers….Google it. And yes, they are the same. But I swear I heard somewhere that there’s a thin line between fate and destiny. But let us not talk about that here. Let’s just leave the debate to Merriam and Webster, ayt?

Destiny is the fixed order of things, a predetermined state. The inevitable or necessary course of events considered as something BEYOND HUMAN POWER OR CONTROL. For the years that have passed, I have always considered myself as an existentialist rather than an essentialist. Although I am not eliminating the paradigm that essentialism teaches.  That is why the definition of destiny didn’t actually fit to my liking.

As a child, I was taught that I am the master of my own future. Whatever outcome my life will have will be based on the decisions I make. And now an online dictionary would tell me that it’s beyond my human power and control? That’s a lot of B.S. What’s the sense of working hard, or even trying for that matter, if the universe has already finished writing your biography? It’s like this, if you were born poor and you wanted to get rich, no matter how hard you work, you’ll always be poor because you’re destined to be poor. What happened to choices? To decision making? And to free will?

Destiny renders me powerless, and that’s a state I refuse to be in. It may be a sweet song to hear for some, but for me, that’s a song I refuse to sing at the moment. I’m aware that I may lack knowledge about this, and this may obstruct me from seeing the whole picture. So if there’s anyone out there with a kind soul, please enlighten me!


Anonymous said...

If life is only about fate and destiny then what is the point of waking up every morning :)

-marx medina

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