Friday, September 16, 2011

Our last visit to Peyups (with blockmates) turned out great, that’s why we were planning to go there again, whenever our schedule allows us to. 

That’s why I was really happy when our plans finally pushed through! Yey! And the best part is, we’ve brought along new “Isaw Buddies.” You know what they say, the more the merrier!

This is the first picture that we took the moment that we step foot on Peyups

Meet our new Isaw Buddies!

Aside from isaw, they also have there Kwek Kwek, Chickenballs, Kikiam and the sorts.

Hyep! Kwek Kwek is another of my favorites! Hehe

Me and Paula in our favorite picture spot.

The boys.
 The pretty girls.

After pigging out, we volunteered Diwa's house to hang out to.

The host playing the piano. He can also play the violin. 
Talented, yes? *clap clap*

These portraits are what I like best in their house.

Too bad I wasn't able to stay for long that night because I had a meeting to attend to.
Oh well...Who's up for another Peyups adventure?


PB said...

Malabnaw yung kulay ng arina ng tokneneng sa UP. :|

Diana said...

okay lang yun noh! masarap parin naman eh! :))

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