Monday, September 26, 2011

A Search To Remember

It was my brother’s birthday and I was hoping to find a perfect gift for him. If my brain was in its normal state at that time, I’d probably ask one of my friends to go with me.  Luckily it was not, so I decided to go there by myself. I never liked going to the mall alone. I thought I’d look like a loser roaming around all by my self. I was also afraid that people would pity me. I guess I was up to an adventure that day . . . besides it has been a while since I’ve done something for the first time. I thought that it was a good chance.

As I enter the mall, I was feeling excited. I had this child like fascination as I searched every nook and cranny for that perfect gift. During my search, I noticed that there are a lot of people who, just like me, are treading the path of solitude...NOT. On the contrary, I didn't feel lonely, alone, or see myself as a loser. It was actually fun and relaxing. I started noticing details everywhere. I appreciated the presence of other people around me. I also realized that it was kinda fun hanging out by my self. But there was an itsy bitsy  problem in my "pursuit for that perfect gift" adventure. I've been circling around the mall for nearly 4 hours already and still I HAVEN'T FOUND ANYTHING NEAR PERFECT. That's when I sought the help of an expert. I called Mich, a good friend of mine since elementary days. Thank God for Mich! To cut the story short, After a dozen of suggestions from Mich, I was able to find the perfect shirt for my brother and he's trying it on now along with his new shorts as I am typing this entry. Hehe :">

Since I really enjoyed my last adventure, I'm thinking of watching a movie alone next time. I already have one in mind.....

What do you think of this?


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