Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Tigers Hunt For Their Prey

They go to Vito Cruz.

So my friend Ms. Gummy Worm saw this promo in Zark’s Facebook page.  Of course, it was an offer that was hard to refuse for us tigers. With a triple cheese burger weighing 1.5 lbs and stands 5 inches tall in line, not to mention the 100php off from its original price, we were left with no other choice but to say yes. Mwahaha. 

So we made a reservation courtesy of Ms Gummy Worm and off we went to Zark’s last Sept. 26. The whole streak was armed with grumbling bellies and the determination and excitement to surpass the challenge of finishing off their prey. The burger didn’t disappoint us. It was literally a jawbreaker once you try to put the whole burger in your mouth. That is if it is even humanly possible.

We all fought a good battle. Some of us are victorious, some of us are not. Some were even nauseated from all those patties and decided later on to take it home to continue eating it. But nonetheless, I think it was all worth our money, especially the bonding part.  Hehe.

Looking forward to our next hunt tigers!


Cez Javier said...

Hi Ms. Happy Camper -- Miss Gummy Worms :))

Looking forward to your KABIGTING'S BLOGPOST! :*

Diana said...

hahaha! don't worry Ms. Gummy Worms, di ko pa nalilimutan yun! swear! :)) :*

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