Sunday, December 19, 2010

Falling In love For the Nth Time

Boys? Nah.... I’m talking about the Christmas lights in our school.
Every Christmas season, our school has a tradition of flooding the whole campus with Christmas lights. It never fails to amaze me. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it always feels like I’m seeing it for the first time. It’s stunning. Mesmerizing. Jaw dropping.

The thing that I love about it the most is the magical feeling it gives me. The feeling of being in love, or something like that.....That is one of the reasons why I stay late in school and apparently I am not the only one who has that reason. I noticed that there are more people staying late in the campus during this time of the year. They’re usually in groups. I also think that that is the best way to appreciate the campus’ beauty--- with friends. Eating, playing, and sharing stories, practically worrying about nothing as if life is only about the good things. Well, I couldn’t blame them. With those lights, I know you’d do the same.

P.S. Now I know where our tuition goes.


johnpetersonurzabia said...

panalo naman..liwanag ng school..sana ganyan din kaliwanag future isip ng bawat isa..para happy talaga ang days..handi lang tuwing Christmas Day..

Diana said...

haha, peter, agree ako sa iyo pero hndi naman kailangan ganyan lagi kaliwanag ang buhay, minsan, mas naapreciate natin ang liwanag pag may dilim. kya lang naman gumagnda yan kasi madilim.

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