Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wonderful Surprises come in Scratch Papers

Ms. Framed Bliss, one of my best buddies, gave me a present. I was really delighted when I saw that it was a line-less notebook. I have a ‘thing’ for notebooks you see, especially those without lines. When I turned to the first page, I saw a piece of paper and was shocked after I have read what was written on it. Almost all of Mr. Pink’s basic information was there! What I felt at that moment was a mixture of confusion, disbelief and amazement! Then it hit me. That’s why she told me earlier that day that I will surely like the gift and that I will PM her about it or even text her. She was actually saying that because of the paper.
I remember joking Ms. Framed Bliss about getting information about Mr. Pink. I didn’t think that she would do it. Seriously. By the way, if you are wondering how she got that information, well, she has connections and very reliable ones.

Now I don’t know which one is the real gift and which is the bonus gift. Anyhow, I thank Ms. Framed Bliss for that wonderful surprise.

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