Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Santa?

Economics Department's eco-friendly Christmas tree (credits to the students of econ for the post its)

We are having a Christmas party in our class this week and we are to list the top 3 things we want to receive this Christmas. I've been staring at my paper for what seems like forever, but nothing's coming into my mind. Don't get me wrong. There's so many things that I want to have and the list might go on from days to forever. But when it boils down to what I really want....My mind goes blank.


Well, honestly, there's something that I've been wishing for. But it's not something that anyone can give to me. What I want is for me to be able to know Mr. Pink (not his real surname). I've been eying him for quite sometime now. His face, his eyes, and of course, his dimples. He's my major crush right now, but sadly I don't think that he even knows that I exists. All I want is an opportunity for me to get to know him. To be able to talk and laugh with him. I know that at the moment it is just my wishful thinking, but if ever that will happen then I'll sure be one heck of a happy girl for the months to come.

Please Santa? I've been a really good girl. :)


Well, I better get back to my wish list or I might end up receiving nothing at all.


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