Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Brain Policy

'Twas a fine Saturday afternoon and it's the perfect time for me to rest my brain. The whole week's been nerve-wracking. There's always a quiz to study for, projects to plan, house chores to do and of course friends to find time to hang-out with.

I don't know how I survived, but I guess it is a good enough reason for me to not use my brain for a while. Aside from having a 'No Brain Policy', I also found a way to 'de-stress' myself.

This room served as our haven from all the stressful elements of the outside world.

My partner in crime- Ms. Tinapay (left).

Me and Ms. Tinapay sporting a pre-schooler look.

Me and Ms. Tinapay sporting a Chun-Li inspired look.

Hanging out in school campus.

Nothing beats 'de-stressing' with your best friend and a good view of the school's Christmas lights!


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